Since the official establishment of CenterPrime in 2020, they kept carrying on the Oracle Perceptron protocol development that connects traditional finance and decentralized finance, and the outcome on it is being released in 2021. As a result of many people’s interest in the CenterPrime project, it is continuously growing. With great interest, CenterPrime received many requests from many people for sharing the detailed roadmap of the CenterPrime project, and CenterPrime decided to share it that was being operated internally. The purpose of sharing the roadmap is to share and communicate all information, as the CenterPrime project is a decentralized project…

Project CenterPrime Oracle Perceptron Wallet SDK, a service that connects to the real economy payment through its Korean partners including the Korean government-backed local currency payment platform and the most used transportation card, supports QuarkChain. From this partnership, QuarkChain can be used for payment in the real financial service, such as transportation cards, gift certificates, online/offline shopping, and overseas remittance fees, etc.

Currently, CenterPrime Oracle Perceptron SDK is able to support the QuarkChain network through a total of 7 functions (creating a wallet, importing a Keystore, exporting a Keystore, checking assets, checking tokens, transferring assets, receiving assets). …

“Preparing for Network Hacking by Beefing Up Security of DeFi Services.”

Even without a third-party agency and legal system to guarantee the funds, many people have started to participate in DeFi services powered by blockchain networks. The reason for DeFi’s growth is the advantages of decentralization, efficiency, and the fact that anyone can participate while also fixing the disadvantages of the complex traditional finance system. However, this has led to continuous problems of hacking because of the openness and weak security of DeFi.

“DeFi Dashboard for the Enterprise”

As the DeFi economy starts to stand out, the traditional financial bank sector is introducing the fiduciarization of the bitcoin and ethereum. For example, on 11 February 2021, the New York Mellon bank(BNY Mellon), the United States global custody bank decided to handle digital virtual assets such as bitcoin and ethereum. …

“The Future is Now Project ‘Netflix NFT’, Presenting Oracle DeFi Demo”

‘The real economy contents payment pool that this generation needs, demonstrated through CenterPrime’s NETFLIX NFT.’

Having created the new Oracle Perceptron Protocol, a project to become a pioneer in the new era of ‘Oracle DeFi’, CenterPrime participated in ‘Binance Hackathon: The Future Is Now’ in order to demonstrate our DeFi payment platform.

Binance Hackathon: The Future Is Now is a 3-week hackathon event hosted by Binance X and Gitcoin. It is held in order to establish the next generation of projects for an EVM-compatible Binance smart chain which can…

“New Oracle DeFi Wallet”

In 2021, change in the blockchain market is occurring globally, and countries, institutions, and enterprises to try to focus on and utilizing this change are increasing. Especially, on blockchain technology and investment. As of February 17, 2021, from CBDC, the digital currency issued by the country to the rise of Bitcoin, which exceeded $50,000 and the investment of numerous celebrities supporting it, currency digitalization is in earnest.

However, unlike the world’s attention, the current blockchain and DeFi industry shows a lot of issues blocking the growth of the industry. Typical issues are following.

Excessive maintenance expenses…

“Advent of the Oracle DeFi’s First Financial Services”

When consumers make online transactions, the Payment Gateway(PG) companies firstly pay the transaction costs to the sellers with traditional financial assets and later get the costs back with the transaction costs and fees from the consumer.

E-commerce has changed economic life functioning regardless of times and places and by the development of e-commerce, Payment Gateway(PG) companies has emerged as intermediaries that connect consumers and sellers by improving reliabilities and speeds during transactions.

“Remedy the shortcomings of traditional finance and decentralized finance by synthesizing custodial and non-custodial assets.”

Virtual assets in the Defi market is making transparent transaction by using the characteristics that it is impossible to be tampered. However, it is limited to make transactions in the real economy, as the actual custodial assets of traditional finance.

However, as various financial services such as retail payments, overseas remittances, etc of traditional finance have become Defi-lization, we dreamed of building a decentralized and optimal payment ecosystem.

“The value of Defi assets formed by custodial assets”

Fintech, which is closely related to our lives, is a combination of fin from the terminology of finance and tech as well from technology. In the real economy, we have been living our economic activities by exchanging fiat currency as tangible currency. However, by the development of technology, e-commerce, online markets, and Internet banking led by credit cards and check cards, economic activities have become possible without directly exchanging banknotes. Up to now, traditional finance has been a market economy based on custodial assets called fiat currency guaranteed by the central…

“Break the Limits of Single-Chain Networks”

The recent price surging of underlying assets (Bitcoin and Ethereum) in the virtual asset market has become an issue. January 4, 2021, at 9 am based on CoinmarketCap, Bitcoin was 32,000 dollars and Ethereum (ETH) price rose 30% to 1002 dollars compared to the previous day.


OpenBanking Fintech ( CenterPrime )

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